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Speciality : Sex Specialist

Dr. Dongawar L. A. is a sex specilaist done M.D. (ayurved) from Institute of Post Graduate Teaching & Research Center, Jamnagar, presented research paper in 2nd world congress on Yoga & Ayurveda, Clinical Experience for last 33 years in this field, an Ex. Medical Officer in Maharashtra Medical and Health Services. !

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Speciality : Sex Specialist
Qualification: M.D. (Ayurved) from Institute of Post Graduate Teaching & Research Center, Jamnagar
» Ex. Medical Officer in Maharashtra
Medical and health Services
» Presented research paper in 2nd World Congress on Yoga & Ayurveda
» Clinical Experience : last 33 years

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Skin Deseases

» Candidiasis » Fungal infection
» POSORIASIS » Herpes Zoster
» Leucoderma » Eczema
» Scabies » Allergic problem


In our day to day practice we have found very good results in 90% to 95% of the cases.



Our medicine contains with 100% an Ayurvedic drugs which are safe and free from any side effects. Ayurvedic Bhasmas also are more effective and efficacious, which shows quick results. Ayurvedic drugs are not only enough capable to overcome the diseases but also doing repairing and restoring work in the body to normalize body functions.

Sexual Diseases

» Erectile failure » Premature Ejaculation
» Low Frequency of coitus » Lack of Libido
» Unsatisfactory orgasm » Oligo Spermia (Low Sperm Count)
» Low Sperm Motility » S.T.D. (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)


In our day to day practice we have found very good results in 90% to 95% of the cases.

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Sexology : The term sexology means a scientific study of sex, sexual inadequacies and psycho-somatic sexual disorder and their remedial measures etc.
In fact sex has been a subject of serious study since time immemorial. In Ayurveda we find a separate branch known as VAJIKARAN which totally deals with sexual problems & its remedy.
In other word the term VAJIKARAN and SEXOLOGY possesses similar characteristics.

Anotomical Aspect

The Most evident structural link between urine excretory and reproductive organs is to be found in the male, whose urethra serves for both, consequently both are studied under “Urogenital System”. Here knowledge of sex concerning point of view brief information is given as below

Affiliated Organs With Genital System

» Testes & Scrotum » Semenal Vesicle
»Epididymis »Prostate Gland
»Vas Deferens »Bulbo-Urethral Gland
»Ejaculatory Duct »Penis, Urethra

Division of male Reproductive Organs

» Sperm Productive organs - The tests
» Sperm storage and conducting organs - The Epididymis and vas Deferens
» Semen Productive Organs - Semenal Vesicles
» Semen & Sperm delivering organ - Penis, Urethra

Physiological Aspects

Sex Hormones
» F.S.H.
» L.H.
» Testosterone Hormone

Sex Hormones are playing key role in our entire sexual life, which are linked to the pituitary gland. In 1927 Dr. Smith & Dr. Egle demonstrated that anterior pituitary gland has direct control in the development and maintenance of testicular function.

Basic Physiology of Sexuality

In 1954 Dr. Master and Johnson did research in Washington University, on physiology of human sexual response. And they defined four stages for sexual response right from the phase of erection to ejaculation as shown below

» Excitement » Platueau
»Orgasm »Resolution



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